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The newest sports car championship in Canada is drawing hitters

The newest sports car championship in Canada is drawing hitters

During the start, of the trend of racing, people mostly had to make their choice in between either two wheels series as well as the other being the five production car based series. At the time when the tobacco sponsorship had undergone an outlaw and further a couple of championships have dwindled. In the country Canada, the respective sports car racers are only left with only a few numbers of choices. Therefore, in most cases, the teams, as well as the drivers, tend to make their way to the south in order to look for stout competition, but it is expected to change very soon. In recent times, Canada has experienced a shift of landscape in motorsports, same as it has taken place in various other corners of the world, as well as two new categories which are homologated on a global scale, the names of which are TCR and GT4, these have recently emerged and people are finding them to be very attractive especially for the amateurs as well as the professionals.

The series TCR hare basically based on the turbocharged, front-wheel-drive cars as well as are four cylinders powered, whereas on the other hand the GT4 series are based on rear drivers while having a front or even mid-ranged layouts of the engines.

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