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Super Nintendo World Delayed

The opening of Super Nintendo World delayed

The Universal Studios in Japan has made an official announcement that the opening of the Super Nintendo World will not go as planned but the opening has been delayed. It was due for the Nintendo Themed zone of the famous Osaka park was all set to be opened on the 4th of February, the launch was already delayed from the previous year, but since an emergency declaration was placed on the Osaka some days earlier till 7th of February, and this will not happen any longer. It has been said by the USJ that they will give a new date of the opening of the Super Nintendo World as soon as the emergency state is lifted.

The emergency was issued in Japan, specifically in the region of Tokyo as well as its surrounding areas, a couple of days earlier this order was also expanded by the authorities for covering a good 11 prefectures, which also included Osaka. It is said that the respective countermeasures which are being taken are not very strong in comparison to restrictions that were made during the corona lockdown. The people are not allowed to make any type of non-essential trips, be it anywhere.

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