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The stability and issues fixed by the Cyberpunk

Well, here is a good news for all the gamers out there the Cyberpunk 1.10 patch 2077 has now been made officially available on stream as well as on GOG, which brings about a wide range of stability improvements, examples of such improvements include bug files and other types of issue fixing in the game. As per the official announcement by the game makers, they have said that in this respective update they have kept their sole focus on bringing about as much improvements as possible in the stability of the game, and this can further be found by the players properly outlined in the patch notes that have been given below.  In addition to this, they have also said that the work will be continued by the team in the patch 1.2 as well as other updates which are on their way. This statement has been officially put forward by the CD project in the form of the patch announcement, he also added that at the same time, the team will keep working on fixing all the bugs that are encountered by the players upon listening to the feedback which they have received from the users on the various ways in which they can bring improvement in the overall experience of the game.

The weightage of the update in which it comes is of about 5.4 GB that is available on the stream, and there is even an update which is of a comparatively lighter weightage of about 1.1 GB and this update is available on the GOG. The major aspects which are covered by the stability update, first and foremost is the improvement in the memory usage in the different systems that are present in the game itself, these include within characters, navigation, interactions, foliage, in game videos, minimap, laser effects, street traffic, devices, environmental damage system, Al, GPU related as well as much more.  Another improvement which is brought about in the game with the help of the stability is in the various crashes that take place, that are mostly related to, loading, among others, loading saves, gaming closing and opening as well as point of no return. These all are covered by the new update in the game by the game makers.

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