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The ways in which the variants of Covid-19 can pose a threat to the vaccines

Since we are well aware of the fact that there are various variants off the coronavirus which are emerging in the world, there are a few number of studies that have been carried that which put out the suggestion that some of these variants may carry the respective ability of evading the responses of the immune systems of the people, which can be triggered by either the vaccine or even some previous type of infection suffered by the person. The same worry has also resulted in prompting some of the vaccine makers to search for such ways which will play a key role in helping them tweaking their shots for the purpose of keeping up with the trouble making newcomers. For over some period, this has been the concern of many researchers around the world, that there are various mutations which exist in the viral protein which provides a helping hand in the breaking of the coronavirus into cells and this could further result in the dampening of the response of the immune system against the virus. There are some news studies which have suggested that there are certain viral variants which may tend to escape at least some amount of the immunity, and this could further result in putting the people who have previously been vaccinated or even the ones who have been able to gain complete recovery from the coronavirus at the risk of falling victim to infection. It has been said by the famous microbiology as well as immunologist, working at the Oregon Health & Science University in the region Portland, whose name is Mark Slifka, that we should not panic but at the same time we should be urging caution. He further added in his statement that there are a various backups in our immune systems, for the purpose of coping well with the ever changing viruses in the world. The thing which is very important is for it to be rather straightforward, specifically talking about the principle, for the purpose of updating the vaccines which tend to rely on the respective parts of the genetic code of the coronavirus for triggering a response in the immune system. At the same time, there are certain virus mutations which carry the capability of putting a dent in the way in which the vaccines work, whether it is effective or not, that the authorized shots have  a very long way for them to fall even before these vaccines become ineffective.

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