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Top most health benefits of eggs you never knew

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Apart from being the essential ingredient to hundreds of recipes, there are some amazing ‘health benefits of eggs’ majority of us are unaware of. Hence, eggs are considered as one of the ‘super-foods’ in the world.

Eggs have been the most common breakfast item since Stone Age. However, to your surprise, either boiled or fried, these tiny yellow and white balls provides much more benefits to human body then we count. Eggs are jam-packed with golden nutrients, some of which are lacking in other modern diets. In this article, we discuss some of the top health benefits of eggs.

Top Health Benefits of Eggs:

1. Nutritional health benefits of eggs:

Eggs are declared to be among the most nutritious foods of the world for their abundant secret elements. These tiny balls contain almost all of the nutrients required for the perfect metabolism of the body.

Moreover, “a whole egg includes enough nutrients to convert a single cell into a baby chicken.”

Some of the essential elements present in a large sized boiled egg are:

Vitamin A Folate B Vitamins including Vitamin B5 B12 and B2 Phosphorous selenium

Moreover, eggs also contain a decent amount of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6 Calcium and Zinc that adds to health benefits of eggs.

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