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Tracking your sleep with Google’s Nest Hub

In the staring of the week it was reported that it was speculated that Google has work being done on making an update in its Nest Hub which contains Soli technology. Well, nothing was just a mere speculations, because now it has been reported by the 9to5 Google, suggesting that the new update it for something that is absolutely unexpected, and targets sleep tracking.

If you are someone who has not much idea about this technology, well soli is the radar technology by Google, which is made use of for detecting the gestures along with the human presence. The first time it was introduced was in the Pixel 4, but sadly was discontinued by the end of August. Although at a current scenario, it cannot be located in any of the Pixel devices by Google, but can be seen in the smart devices, and example of which is Nest Thermostat. Therefore, there is ample precedent for Google to include this technology in majority of its smart home devices. What makes it even more exciting for the people is that fact that the Nest Hub already tends to give an impression of an alarm clock, the only thing it does not have Is a built in camera, therefore it may be a lot more acceptable in bedrooms for the purpose of sleep tracking.

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