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Uber Adding New Features

Uber introducing its features in more cities

Uber carries the objective of possessing 100 percent electric vehicles by the year 2030 in North America. Uber green is a feature which allows the users to make a request of riding in the electric vehicles. This feature is now being enabled by the company in more cities. Uber initially launched the feature in a total of 15 cities in September; now it is introducing this feature is 1400 additional towns and cities all over North America. The list of names of the new markets includes Winnipeg, Tucson, New York, Houston, Austin, Miami, and Calgary, Washington DC etc. Furthermore, another important detail about it is that instead of paying the drivers directly for trading the electric vehicles with the gas burning ones, Uber is add on an extra fee on the trips that have been completed on an electric vehicle for incentivizing the drivers for making the respective switch.

In addition to this, for an extra dollar, the riders will specifically be able to request either an electric vehicle or the hybrid vehicle. The drivers who make use of electric and hybrid vehicles for picking up the passengers will receive 50 extra cents on every ride.

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