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US government being sued by Xiaomi

There is a rapid escalation that can be seen in the ongoing Xiaomi and US saga. If you are someone who has not been keeping up to date with the ongoing situation, therefore in order to give you a back story what happened was that one of the famous swan songs of the government of Donald Trump was supposed to give Xiaomi a designation entitling, “Communist Chinese Military company”. This was such a title that would straight off quality the phone company to be included under the executive order from November concerning the administration, which tends to bar the securities as well as the investment companies in America from putting their capital in the stated companies. Being on such a list currently in rather practical terms holds the meaning that if the respective decisions tend to stand all of the institutional investors of America in Xiaomi, they would be forced to take out their holdings in Xiaomi by the month of November.  The list of some of the most notable investors of the United States which would need to follow the ruling includes Black Rock Inc., Qualcomm, The Vanguard Group as well as the State Street Corporation.

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