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Valorant Ranking System Changed Riot

Valorant’s ranking system changed by Riot

As per the gaming company, sweeping certain changes to Valorant’s ranked system will make it easier for the user to see where they stack up when the new episode of the season kicks off. The release which took place this week, tends to introduce a new hero, who is Yoru a tricksy Japanese duelist who has been specifically designed for dominating the face offs in the game,  as well as a new battle pass. Bt what you need to understand here is that Riot has been involved I doing some tinkering under the hood of Valorant, which makes dozens of small changes to ranked play, for the mere effort of making everything much easier to understand as well as much more fair. Majority of the respective changes made are very small, but they are intended for adding a slightly higher level of clarity to where the player stands. The progression arrows in the game have been let go off in favor of the respective progress bra which tends to show the player how close they are to make a rank upper.

Furthermore, the company has tweaked the ranked rating values, therefore now a demotion protection system will provide the user with a chance to salvage their rank before they crash a stage down. 

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