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Vivo teases phone with color changing back panel

The Chinese smartphone maker Vivo seems to be working on a phone with color changing back panel according to a video released by the company on social media platform Weibo.

The company seems to be using an electrochromic glass technology on the back panel of the device allowing it to change colors on demand, something which OnePlus showcased in their Concept One phone at CES 2020.

The OnePlus Concept One used a glass on its rear camera panel allowing it to change shades on demand. However, Vivo used the electrochromic glass to make an entire phone with color changing back panel including the camera setup.

The original video which was reported first by Android Authority and spotted on Weibo shows the Vivo phone from the back as it shifts colors on demand with a press of the side button.

However, the video posted by Vivo doesn’t reveal the camera setup nor the company has provided any details about the smartphone model or if it just a concept of actually being tested for future release.

Although the concept does look cool and will if implemented might bring get more competitors to follow thus making a new trend in the smartphone market.

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