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Vulnerabilities in the phone encryption of IOS and Android

Various researchers who are working at the Johns Hopkins University, they have come out with a report in which they have stated all the various vulnerabilities that exist in the phone encryption of both Android as well as IOS. In addition to this, the report also states the various ways in which the law enforcement agencies carry the ability to exploit these for the purpose for accessing even such smartphones that are locked. The report is being posted at such a time when the governments of various countries are emphasizing for backdoors in encryption for the purpose of having access to the data present on the smartphones, especially when the national security is at a risk.

On the other hand, the new research also tends to claims that the different ways are already out there and available that can enable the law enforcement agencies to have access to the data that is present on smartphones by having the right kind of tools and knowledge, and this is all thanks to the current loopholes in the security present in the IOS as well as the Android. The research was reported by Wired, and the person who has conducted the research is Maximilian Zinkus.

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