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WhatsApp new privacy policy asked to be withdrawn

The government of India has asked WhatsApp to withdraw its new privacy policy, as the recent changes which have been made in the policy related to the messaging app, are not acceptable by the people are further considered to be unfair to the users. The ministry of technology as well as information technology in India has written a strong and strict letter to the CEO of WhatsApp, the letter stated that India is home to one of the largest user base of the messaging app WhatsApp while talking about the global perspective, in addition to this India is also one of the biggest markets for the services of WhatsApp.

The changes that have been proposed to the privacy policy of WhatsApp ended up raising many grave concerns with regard to the respective implications for the autonomy as well as the choice of the citizens of India. The ministry of India has also asked WhatsApp to take a stand in this situation and withdraw the changed privacy policy, and has further asked its CEO to reconsider the approach regarding the information privacy, data security as well as freedom of choice. The letter also stated that all Indians should be respected in the proper manner.

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