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Withdrawal of search engine threatened by Google

It has been threatened by Google, that it will get its search engine removed from Australia, and the reason behind this threat is the attempt of the nation to make them share its loyalties along with the new publishers.  As per the recent reports, a world-first law is being introduced by Australia in the near future, which is going to make Facebook, Google along other tech companies pay the respective media outlets for the sake of taking their news consent. But in reaction to this report, the various US firms have backfired at this announcement, they fought back with the warning that this law would result in them withdrawing a couple of their services. The prime minister of Australia, Scott Morrison clearly put his thought into words and said that the lawmakers will not at all yield to any type of threats.

Although it is true that as far as the market of Google is concerned, Australia is far away in that concern, the new code which has been proposed by the country is taken to be a global test case for as to what are the ways in which the governments could conduct the regulation off the big tech firms in the world. The new code being proposed by Australia would result in tying up both Facebook as well as Google to the respective mediated negotiations with the media publishers on the basis of the value of the news content.

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